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Chapter 2 - The Suspects

A suspect is a kind of person.
Ms Pepper, Mr Salt, and Mr Thyme are suspects.
Ms Pepper is female.

The description of Ms Pepper is "Ms Pepper is a pretty woman with a great smile. She's wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans."
The description of Mr Salt is "Mr Salt is tall, thin, and worried."
The description of Mr Thyme is "Mr Thyme is wearing a shabby overcoat, and shifting his eyes rapidly from place to place."

Persuasion rule for asking suspects to try going: persuasion succeeds.
Persuasion rule for asking suspects to try going for the fourth time: say "The suspect argues with you for several minutes, instead of going anywhere."; increase solution time by 4; persuasion fails. [This is just here to make things more interesting. Trying again will make it continue]

[Ms Pepper is a friend of mine's handle from many years ago... Hi Ms Pepper! Mr Salt was a friend of hers, hope he's doing well. I added Mr Thyme to round out the theme.]