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Chapter 1 - The Physical World

Section 1 - Rooms and Objects in them

[We have a number of descriptions and objects to play with. They don't have an effect on the game, but hey, they're fun.]

The Hall is a room. "You are in an elaborate formal hallway. Exits are east, south, and up."

The Library is east of the Hall. "You're in a library covered wall-to-wall with computer books. There are exits west and down."

Some books are here. The books are scenery. Understand "book" as books.
Instead of taking or examining books, say "There's no time for that. There's a murder to be solved here."

A heavy chair is here. It is fixed in place.

Your boss is a man. He is on the chair. The description of your boss is "Your boss is a plump, short man; the buttons on his shirt are straining to escape."
He is carrying a note.

The description of the note is "The note says, 'Sir, we've done all sorts of tests, and you have an extraordinary gift. By merely accusing someone of using something for murder, you can determine if there is something true about the accusation with complete accuracy. There are some complications, though. For example, the weapon and your current location are considered part of the accuration... so if you accuse an innocent person in the murder location or of using the murder weapon, you'll only determine that something about your accusation is true. For each accusation you have to use a completely different set of people, weapon, and location than your previous accusation; this can complicate your efforts. Also, it takes 10 minutes for you to determine if an accusation is true... that may be a problem when you are in a hurry. Science is completely unable to explain your gift; use it wisely.'"

Before going to the library for the first time:
say "Your boss says, 'I'm so glad you've come. Please hurry to determine who performed this murder, along with where and with what. I know you have a special power when you accuse others; I've brought this note to explain it further.'

He hands you a note.";
move note to player.

After answering your boss that anything, say "Your boss says, 'Hurry up - we need to determine who performed this murder, along with where and with what.'".

The Entrance is south of the Hall. "You're at the entrance to this grand estate, where a large red door to the outside. I hope you aren't planning on leaving before you solve this mystery! The only way to go from here is north."

A big red door is here. It is scenery.
Instead of opening or closing or unlocking or entering the big red door: say "Nonsense, don't leave. We have a murder to solve."
Instead of going south in the Entrance: say "Nonsense, don't leave. We have a murder to solve."

A brass plaque is here. The plaque is fixed in place. The description of the plaque is "The plaque says, 'This game [italic type]Accuse[roman type] is Copyright (C) 2007 David A. Wheeler. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2 or later. That means you can modify this game and/or include it in other games, but you must release this game (modified or not, or included in a larger game) under the GNU GPL version 2 or later. In particular, when you release it, you must release its source code too (so others can make their own improvements too!). Please credit David A. Wheeler in any modified work.'".

The Bedroom is up from the Hall. "You're in a plush bedroom; apparantly the owner liked creature comforts. The sole exit is down."
A bed is here. It is scenery.
The plush blankets are on the bed. They are scenery.
Instead of taking blankets, say "It's not that cold here. Hurry up with the business at hand!"

An end table is here. It is scenery.
A picture is on the end table. The description of the picture is "You see a picture of the very handsome David A. Wheeler, former maintainer of Scepter of Goth, who coincidentally is the author of this game. Yup, he's [italic type]very[roman type] handsome."

A huge red button is here. It is fixed in place. The description of the button is "It's a big, blinking red button, in the middle of the wall."
Instead of pushing red button:
say "Zap! The world spins around you quickly.";
move player to Dungeon.

Before going to the bedroom for the fourth time:
say "A hollow voice says, ''.".

The Dungeon is down from the Library. "You're in a dungeon. Hmm, this isn't the normal kind of room you see in today's houses. On the wall is written 'Xyzzy isn't a magic word.' The only way out of here is to go up."