QForth 2.4 and QForth 2.4g

QForth 2.4 is an updated version of Toshiyasu Morita's original. QForth is a small integer Forth for Apple IIe/IIc/IIgs computers. It will not work with an Apple II+. Unlike most Apple Forths, QForth uses normal ProDOS text files for source input. It also has ProDOS file support as well as block disk access. Version 2.4 fixes serious bug in +loop and in file loading (thanks J. Matthews!).

Minimum requirements: Apple IIe/IIc/IIc+/IIgs with 128k RAM and one 5.25" floppy drive

These are ShrinkIt archives, change the extension to '.shk' once downloaded!

QForth 2.4, disk #1 - QForth, glossary, and examples.
QForth 2.4, disk #2 - Merlin assembler source

QForth 2.4g, disk #1 - QForth, glossary, and examples. Graphics version
QForth 2.4g, disk #2 - Merlin assembler source

QForth 2.4 Minimal Version - A minimal version easily ported to other 65C02 systems.

Known quirks:

Additional Files:

These files add to QForth's functionality. Most recently updated are: Read the file comments to see what each file requires.
Last update: 17-Aug-2007
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