DSK2FILE is a ProDOS 8 utility for working with disk image files. It will create image files or write existing image files back to floppy, both 5.25" (140k) and 3.5" (800k). Currently supported disk image formats are:

Version 5.8f, (March 2003)

** Minor bug fix.

Minimum requirements: Enhanced Apple IIe (or better) with one 5.25" floppy drive and a hard drive, RAM card, or 3.5" drive

Download: dsk2file.shk - a ShrinkIt archive (change to '.shk' once downloaded!)


NIB2FILE is a ProDOS 8 utility which will create .nib format disk images files from 140k disks. It is designed to allow a few copy-protected disks to be made into disk images. Specifically, it was designed to work with many of the MECC educational disks so that teachers who still have the disks but not the Apples can continue to use them. In my tests it has been about 75% successful. Your mileage may vary.

Version 1.0, (December 2002)

Minimum requirements: Any ProDOS capable Apple II with one 5.25" floppy drive and a hard drive, RAM card, or 3.5" drive

Download: nib2file.shk - a ShrinkIt archive (change to '.shk' once downloaded!)


DSK2FILE has been under development since 1993 when the first BASIC version using the RWTS subroutine was released. It has had a good run. So, from this time onward, please consider DSK2FILE development to be frozen. This means that I will no longer be updating it, nor will I fix bugs. If you have trouble using it I'll gladly answer your email and try to help. This also goes for NIB2FILE, it is as it will be. Caveat Emptor.

The source code to both DSK2FILE (QForth, on this site) and NIB2FILE (Merlin assembly) is included in the archives. Anyone may modify these programs as they see fit. Note that some portions of the source to NIB2FILE were not written by me, namely, the read a raw track routine, which was copied (and bug fixed!) from the version given in Beneath Apple ProDOS. A few routines also came from the QForth source code. These are noted in the comments. The Merlin assembler can be found on the usual archive sites. I believe the version used was 2.54.

Updated: 09-Apr-03
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