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David A. Wheeler

Here are reviews of random books, movies, and other media. I certainly don't agree with everything in the media below, but if they encourage me to think new thoughts, they are interesting to me. The ones I find really interesting and recommend reading/seeing I've marked with "!!!!".

I've certainly read many more books, and seen many more movies, than what's listed below. I just don't have time to comment on all of it, and I've only just started to put this page together. But perhaps you'll find pointers to interesting media here, even though this is quite incomplete.

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Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Alternate History


History and Society

History presented as a "list of facts" is worthless. But analysis of history to explain what happened (examining cause and effect), sufficient that it can help us understand the present, predict the future, or tell us what we should do next, is deeply interesting. If a book has a theory that explains (parts of) the past and predicts the future (think psychohistory), then it's an especially interesting book to me.





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