Section 7.5 - Standard Object-Oriented Format

Ada has types, packages, and lots of other things; how do you use them all together? What I suggest is that, barring other information, you use a standard format for defining object-oriented types in Ada.

Here's a "standard format" that I use for an OO Ada type definition, which you can vary to meet your needs (capitalized italics are what you supply):

  package PACKAGE_NAME is
    type MY_TYPE is tagged private; -- or, new Parent_Type with private
    type MY_TYPE_Access is access all MY_TYPE'Access;
        -- We'll talk about this in a later lesson; by adding this declaration
        -- here you'll make certain operations easier to do later.
    -- Dispatching operations go here.
    -- Define the details of MY_TYPE here.

For the package name, I generally use the plural of the type name. Here's an example:

  with Creatures;
  use  Creatures;

  package Players is
    type Player is new Creature with private; -- Player is a type of Creature
    type Player_Access is access all Player'Access;
    -- Dispatching operations go here.
    procedure Look(P : in Player);
    type Player is new Creature with
       Logged_In : Boolean;
     end record;
  end Players;

Ada permits multiple OO types to be defined in a package, but that doesn't mean you must do so. As a general rule, put different type definitions in different packages unless the two types are strongly interrelated.


Given the example above, what is the name of the new tagged type defined above?

  1. Creatures
  2. Players
  3. Player

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