Notes Regarding the Use of Ada 83

The Lovelace tutorial is written specifically for Ada 95 users. If you're using an older, Ada 83-only compiler, here are some tips:

  1. Replace all uses of "Ada.Text_IO" with just "Text_IO".
  2. Ada 83 doesn't have the package "Ada.Integer_Text_IO" predefined. Instead, substitute the package name "Ada_Integer_Text_IO" instead and compile the following:
    with Text_IO;
    package Ada_Integer_Text_IO is new Text_IO.Integer_IO(Integer);
  3. You won't be able to use capabilities new to Ada 95, of course. These include object-oriented (OO) programming (inheritance and tagged types), protected types, child packages, or Unbounded_String. Most of the lessons in this tutorial do apply, and you can still learn much with an Ada 83 compiler.

More general notes about Lovelace's approach is available.

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