Finding Eric Raymond

Some people may have trouble finding Eric Raymond's website. If you're having that trouble, here's an explanation.

Around February 27, 2003, Eric Raymond's website suddenly moved from "" to "". Unusually, the ISP for is not forwarding requests to the new site.

This means that widely-referenced material such as The Cathedral and the Bazaar (and related essays), The Jargon File, How to Ask Smart Questions, The Art of Unix Programming, the Fetchmail home page, and other such material have suddenly disappeared from the web. Since most people currently link to the old site, instead of the new one, and there are no forwarding links, people will run search engines (such as Google) and think that Raymond's material is no longer on the Web!! Raymond has asked Google to update their pages, to no avail.

It appears that there was some sort of dispute between Eric Raymond and the owner of the domain. Rather than take sides, I'd like to simply see the relevant URLs updated.

Some pages, such as my Why OSS/FS? Look at the Numbers! paper and Raymond's Wikipedia entry have already been changed, but far more pages refer to the invalid site.

So, I urge anyone who is linking to any of Raymond's material to quickly update their links - just change "" to "".

David A. Wheeler