Crystal City Name Changes (Address Changes)

As of June 26, 2004, the Crystal City area of Arlington County in Northern Virginia underwent a number of changes. Many buildings' addresses were changed on this date, and several major roads were turned into two-way streets (Crystal Drive, 20th St., 18th St., and 15th St.). Unfortunately, many people use the old building names, yet the old markings with those names are now essentially gone. That means it's not unusual for someone to send you an address that's completely unfindable when you get there.

In addition, the road "Jefferson Davis Highway" has been renamed to "Richmond Highway".

So here are the old building names, old addresses, and new addresses, so you can find the buildings in Crystal City:
Old Building NameOld AddressNew Address
Crystal Gateway 1 (CG1)1235 Jefferson Davis Highway1235 Clark St.
Crystal Gateway 2 (CG2)1225 Jefferson Davis Highway1225 Clark St.
Crystal Gateway 3 (CG3)1215 Jefferson Davis Highway1215 Clark St.
Crystal Gateway 4 (CG4)1213 Jefferson Davis Highway200 12th St. S.
Crystal Gateway North1111 Jefferson Davis Highway201 12th St. S.
Crystal Mall 1 (CM1)1911 S. Clark St.1800 S. Bell St.
Crystal Mall 2 (CM2)1921 Jefferson Davis Highway1801 S. Bell St.
Crystal Mall 3 (CM3)1931 Jefferson Davis Highway1851 S. Bell St.
Crystal Mall 4 (CM4)1941 Jefferson Davis Highway1901 S. Bell St.
Crystal Park 1 2011 Crystal Dr.
Crystal Park 2 2121 Crystal Dr.
Crystal Park 3 2231 Crystal Dr.
Crystal Park 4 2345 Crystal Dr.
Crystal Park 5 2451 Crystal Dr.
Crystal Plaza 12001 Jefferson Davis Highway2001 S. Clark St.
Crystal Plaza 22011 S. Clark Pl.220 20th Street S.
Crystal Plaza 32021 S. Clark St.2100 Crystal Dr.
Crystal Plaza 42201 S. Clark Pl.2200 Crystal Dr.
Crystal Plaza 52211 S. Clark Pl.223 23rd St. S.
Crystal Plaza 62221 S. Clark St.2221 S. Clark St.
Crystal Square 2 (CS2)1725 Jefferson Davis Highway1550 Crystal Dr.
Crystal Square 3 (CS3)1735 Jefferson Davis Highway1750 Crystal Dr.
Crystal Square 4 (CS4)1745 Jefferson Davis Highway241 18th St. S.
Crystal Square 5 (CS5)1755 Jefferson Davis Highway251 18th St. S.
Jefferson Plaza 1 (JP1)1411 Jefferson Davis Highway1480 Crystal Dr.

All of these addresses are officially part of Arlington, VA, so that is how you send mail to them. But the locals all refer to this area as "Crystal City" (the name of the development). Note: There is no "Crystal Square 1".

Note that the "Taylor Building" (used by the Army) has the official address 2530 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202. Jefferson Plaza I is located at 1411 and 1421 Richmond Highway (Jefferson Davis Highway) and 1480 Crystal Drive (RPC# 34-024-339, -340, and -341).

This Arlington map of Crystal City lets you find buildings by name and their new address, in particular select "View buildings by name" so you can find the new address of specific named buildings (though not the old addresses). This Crystal City site plan also shows you where the buildings are (with their new addresses).

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