Ada Environment Home Page

Ada Environment is an Ada package that interfaces to your operating system's environment variables.

I've proposed this package for Ada 200Y (see AI-370), but whether or not it's accepted, you can use it now. UPDATE: The ARG thought it was a good idea in general, but wanted to make a number of changes at the detailed level. Which is fine, that's the point of multi-person review. You can see the various versions of this proposal, including the latest version.

I've released the specification to the public domain, so that anyone can incorporate it for any reason or use. I've created an implementation (a body) that should be very portable, as well as a test procedure, and I've released both of those under the MIT/X license (which allows use by proprietary and open source software). I've tested the code under Red Hat Linux 9 using GNAT, but the specification should work on any Ada95 implementation and the sample implementation should be extremely portable as well.

Here's the code:

You can go up to see David A. Wheeler's site.