Picture of David A. Wheeler David A. Wheeler
My professional interests focus on computer security (especially in developing secure software), Free/libre/open source software (FLOSS or OSS), improving software development practices, and open standards.
  • PhD in Information Technology, George Mason University (GMU), 2009 (granted 2010)
  • Certificate for Information System Security, GMU, 2000.
  • Design and Analysis of Distributed Protocols, Summer Session, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 1994
  • MS in Computer Science, GMU, 1993 (granted 1994)
  • Certificate for Software Systems Engineering, GMU, 1993 (granted 1994)
  • Software Capability Evaluation (SCE) Training, Software Engineering Institute (SEI), 1993
  • BS in Electronics Engineering, GMU, 1987 (granted 1988); graduation with distinction

Published books

Public/Published articles
Most of my written work is not publicly available. However, if I can make it publicly available, I try to host it on my website, or at least include a reference to it from my website. Here are some of my publicly-available works, some professional, and some fun:

The insatiably curious can see some interviews of me here: David A. Wheeler on the Current State of Application Security (Trusted Software Alliance); "A visit with the Doctor" on The Dave and Gunnar Show, 2014-05-20; "US government accelerating development and release of open source" with Mark Bohannon, Opensource.com, 2014-04-24; "5 Questions with David A. Wheeler" by Melanie Chernoff, Opensource.com, 2012-07-17; "Linux Security Interview with David A. Wheeler" (LinuxSecurity.com); "Under the Brim Interview with David A. Wheeler" ("Under the Brim" August 2002) (here's Red Hat's copy, though with a copy/paste error about "The Economist" and "The Nation" which I didn't say); "How useful are 'proprietary vs. open source' TCO studies?" by NewsForge (on proprietary vs. OSS/FS TCO studies); and "David A. Wheeler's interview" for FOSDEM 2002.

I've been mentioned way too many times in various news articles and such to even try to give a complete listing. Here is a sampler.