Note: This is really old software, and no longer supported by its author (David A. Wheeler). If you want to pick this up and move forward with it, be my guest!!


"ChessClub" is a set of scripts useful as building blocks for creating web sites for Chess Clubs, including an opening name database that you might find useful separately. These scripts allow you to:
  1. Enter and edit chess games via the web, including comments. It will automatically add the names and ECO codes of openings, so it also includes an openings database for that purpose (which you might find useful for other reasons). Entering and editing are controlled by passwords, and multiple directories are supported. You can see a non-live demo of the form.
  2. Automatically index those games.
  3. Automatically annotate those games using a program (it's set up to use Crafty). As a result, people can enter their games and later on they'll see an annotated commentary on their game!

These scripts are open source/free software. The auto-indexing and annotation are designed to work with Unix-like systems (including Linux); they might work with Windows-based systems if you add various programs to support sh shells, but I've not tried it. The scripts are under the GPL (with some minor extensions for the addgame script); the openings database is under the LGPL. There is no warranty. I've made some effort to make these scripts secure, but there's no guarantee that the results are secure. Please look over the scripts yourself and please send me any correction. See the scripts for details.

You can get the latest version of the scripts from

The script includes a database of chess opening names; if you're interested in using it separately, see the information about the openings database (it's licensed under the LGPL - you can use it in proprietary products, but improvements have to go back into it).

You'll find the scripts and other information available in a chessclub tarfile.

For more information, contact David A. Wheeler at