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Thu, 23 Nov 2017

FCC Votes against the People and Net Neutrality: Freedom is Slavery

To the surprise of no one, the US FCC led by Ajit Pai has finally issued the order to kill net neutrality.

In short, the FCC is voting to directly harm the US people and instead aid the monopolist Intenet Service Providers (ISPs). More information is on Tech Dirt.

This is inexcusable. Competition is often the best way to get good results, but for various reasons customers often cannot practically choose ISPs; in many cases they are essentially monopolies or duopolies. Where competition does not effectively exist, there must be regulation to prevent the monopolists from exploiting their customers, and the FCC has decided to expressly reject their duty to the people of the United States.

Orwell would be proud of the order’s name, “Restoring Internet Freedom”. Remember, Freedom is Slavery!

I’m sure we have not heard the end of this. This entire process was filled with fraud, with sock puppets proposing to end net neutrality while real people were ignored. All Americans need to make it clear to their representatives that Internet access is important, and that ISPs must be required to neutral carriers, instead of giving preferences to some sites or charging extra for some sites. I recommend voting against any representatives who fail to protect Internet access, as the FCC has failed to do.

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