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Tue, 30 Apr 2013

OSS License Clinic

If you’re interested in understanding the legal, contract, or government acquisition issues in applying free / libre / open source software (FLOSS), come to the “Open Source License Clinic” on May 9, 2013, 9am-noon (EDT), in Washington, DC. This clinic will be hosted by the non-profit Open Source Initiative (OSI), and is “designed as a cross-industry, cross-community workshop for legal, contract, acquisition and program professionals who wish to deepen their understanding of open source software licenses, and raise their proficiency to better serve their organizations objectives as well as identify problems which may be unique to government. Discussion of licenses and issues in straight-forward terms make the clinic of value to anyone involved in the lifecycle of a technology decision/acquisition or strategy for internal software development.”

I’m one of the speakers, along with:

The location for the license clinic will be:

101 Independence Ave SE
Madison Building, 6th Floor, Dining Room A
Washington, DC 20540

You might also be interested in the Open Source Community Summit on May 10 (the following day) in Washington, DC.

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