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Thu, 21 Mar 2013

French government OSS policy

Free/libre/open source software (FLOSS) continues to grow around the world, and governments around the world are trying to establish policies about it. Yet in the U.S. we often don’t hear about them. I just posted about a UK policy; here’s a recent French policy, translated into English.

The French administration, in September 2012, established a set of guidelines and recommendations on the proper use of Free Software (aka open source software) in the French government. This is called the “Ayrault Memorandum” (circulaire Ayrault, in French) and was signed in September 2012 by the French Prime Minister. The document was mainly produced by the DISIC (the Department of Interministerial Systems Information and Communication) and the CIOs of some departments. The DISIC is in charge of coordinating the administration actions on information systems.

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