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Mon, 19 May 2008

YEARFRAC Incompatibilities between Excel 2007 and OOXML (OXML)

In theory, the OOXML (OXML) specification is supposed to define what Excel 2007 reads and writes. In practice, it’s not true at all; the latest public drafts of OOXML are unable to represent many actual Excel 2007 files.

For example, at least 26 Excel financial functions depend on a parameter called “Basis”, which controls how the calendar is interpreted. The YEARFRAC function is a good example of this; it returns the fraction of years between two dates, given a “basis” for interpreting the calendar. Errors in these functions can have large financial stakes.

I’ve posted a new document, YEARFRAC Incompatibilities between Excel 2007 and OOXML (OXML), and the Definitions Actually Used by Excel 2007 ([OpenDocument version]), which shows that the definitions of OOXML and Excel 2007 aren’t the same at all. “This document identifies incompatibilities between the YEARFRAC function, as implemented by Microsoft Excel 2007, compared to how it is defined in the Office Open Extensible Mark-up Language (OOXML), final draft ISO/IEC 29500-1:2008(E) as of 2008-05-01 (aka OXML). It also identifies the apparent definitions used by Excel 2007 for YEARFRAC, which to the author’s knowledge have never been fully documented anywhere. They are not defined in the OOXML specification, because OOXML’s definitions are incompatible with the apparent definition used by Excel 2007.”

“This incompatibility means that, given OOXML’s current definition, OOXML cannot represent any Excel spreadsheet that uses financial functions using “basis” date calculations, such as YEARFRAC, if they use common “basis” values (omitted, 0, 1, or 4). Excel functions that depend upon “basis” date calculations include: ACCRINT, ACCRINTM, AMORDEGRC, AMORLINC, COUPDAYBS, COUPDAYS, COUPDAYSNC, COUPNCD, COUPNUM, COUPPCD, DISC, DURATION, INTRATE, MDURATION, ODDFPRICE, ODDFYIELD, ODDLPRICE, ODDLYIELD, PRICE, PRICEDISC, PRICEMAT, RECEIVED, YEARFRAC, YIELD, YIELDDISC, and YIELDMAT (26 functions).”

I have much more information about YEARFRAC if you want it.

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