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Mon, 11 Jun 2007

Reviews of Books, Movies, etc.

I read voraciously, and occasionally I’ve even been known to see a movie. So I’ve started to write down Reviews of Books, Movies and Other Stuff. There you can see what I think of various books, movies, etc. It’s not huge yet, but I intend to make it grow.

In many cases you can click on it to get your own copy via Amazon.com. If you buy something that way, I even get a small cut. I won’t get rich that way, but if you choose to buy something by doing that, thanks very much!

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FLOSS License Slide

There are a large number of Free-Libre / Open Source Software (FLOSS) licenses, but only a few are widely used. Unsurprisingly, the widely-used licenses tend to be compatible — that is, it’s possible to combine software under the different licenses to produce a larger work. But many people have trouble figuring out when they can be combined, or how.

So I’ve created a little figure which I call the “FLOSS license slide” to make it easier to see if FLOSS licenses can be combined in many common cases, and if so, what the basic ramifications are. I’ve crafted it so that the figure and explanatory text all fit in a page, which can be handy.

You can look at the FLOSS license slide in one of two formats:

This is currently a draft, because I’d like to hear comments before “finishing” this. Also, it’s based on the “final draft” of GPLv3; things could change before that revision is complete (though I doubt it). There’s no end in trying to add other licenses, but if there’s a big mistake in this document, I’d like to know. I’m not a lawyer, and if you need formal legal advice you need to consult your own attorney. But for many people, this is the information you needed, so here it is.

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