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This is the main web site for my Apple ][ stuff. You can see my:

In 2014 my kids developed some simple games using Applesoft BASIC and a real Apple ][, and they had a great time doing it. Here they are: Bomb Run and Maze Trap. These are bootable ES-DOS disk images (ES-DOS is compatible with DOS 3.3), so you can run them on an Apple ][ emulator. They developed it on the same Apple ][ that I grew up with, one that had been an original Apple ][ but whose motherboard had busted and been replaced with an Apple //e motherboard. I videorecorded them demo'ing their games, but I used a different Apple //e for that, because my original Apple ][ has trouble sync'ing with my TV.

I intend to put more here in the future.

If you're working with real Apple ][s, ADT Pro is a great tool for transferring data between Apple ][s and more modern equipment. Call A.P.P.L.E.'s APTEST (alternate source: Call A.P.P.L.E.'s APTEST) is a good diagnostic tool. There are many Apple ][ emulators; for Windows a descent emulator is AppleWin. Here is a good simple Apple II Applesoft reference. Jobs And Wozniak Talk About The Company's Beginnings has a short video from 1984 about their history before then.

"Clone Wars" (Tedium, May 4, 2017) has a historical summary of Apple ][ clones.

Here's an Apple ][ the size of your hand.

Applesauce is a hardware/software device able to exactly record disks for preservation - good thing, too, because increasingly these devices are failing and otherwise a lot will be forever lost to time.

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